Microperf Outside Install  - Good Quality

  • Outdoor use
  • View thru vinyl
  • Great for large windows and storefronts
  • 65/35 hole pattern

This is an adhesive based vinyl with a hole pattern.
Microperf or view thru vinyl is one of the best solutions for taking advantage of large window / and storefront displays.  Its hole pattern allows an image to be shown from the outside while still allowing for visibility from the inside of the location.  Although it is now often seen anywhere you see large glass panels it started its claim to fame on bus wraps.  It is the material that is used on the large windows in the bus to take advantage of advertising space and it allows the passengers to still see from the inside of the bus outward.

Microperforated material works based on the concept that there is always more light on the outside of the location opposed to the inside.  During the day graphics on storefronts have a vivid look and color.  At night when there is more light in the inside of the store microperf loses visibility based on this concept.  A solution that some retailers have sought is lowering shades at night if the lights of the location are on to keep graphics visible.

Available in a 65/35 hole pattern.  65% graphic print surface and 35% negative space.


Microperf Inside Install  - Best Quality

  • Indoor use
  • Premium vinyl
  • No Adhesive
  • 75/25 hole pattern

Is a premium perforated vinyl option that is installed from the inside of the glass.  This material has no adhesive.  It is an acrylic based product that lays flat very well.  It has a printable white side and a black reverse side for maximum contrast.
Inside mount window applications should use a optically clear pano tape to secure the perimeter of the graphic.

Available in a 75/25 hole pattern.  75% graphic print surface and 25% negative space.

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