• How is the price calculated?

    • Our prices are calculated by the next formula.
      (Amount of originals) x (amount of copies) x price = Total Price
  • My PDF file has multiple pages but I only need a couple of pages from it?

    • We recommend uploading only the pages you would like to print, either individually or combine in a single PDF or Zip file.
    • If you are unable to separate the pages just upload your files and let us know in the "Special Instructions" section the page numbers you need to print.
  • I need to upload multiple files, what I do?

    • To upload multiple files, please combine them on ZIP Format and upload that Zip to our website. You can follow this tutorial
    • After clicking on the "Add to Cart" button on this page, your next step will be to upload your files. You can use the "Add Additional Files" button located at the bottom of the upload field on the next page.

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Our calculation is:

(Amoun of originals) X (amount of copies) X (price) = Total Price.

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